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Okay so sometimes, not all the time, i feel like i have to pee right after i just peed, and sometimes my urethra feels like it kinda hurts ( i can't really describe the feeling but ya) it normally lasts for like a minute - 5 minutes, the odd time longer...just wondering if its normal, like i said its not all the time but every now and then. why does it do that?

A young person, who judging by their username is most likely to be female, is describing a situation that many peoople — especially women — will be all too familiar with; feeling the urge to urinate again shortly after leaving the bathroom, a sensation accompanied by some discomfort. The first reply the poster gets points out that these are tell-tale symptoms of a urinary tract infection, advises them to seek medical attention to get antibiotics, and adds that drinking plenty of water is a great idea at this time.

The initial poster replies:

"It doesn't burn or hurt whenIpee and Idon't have to go a lot and it doesn't hurt all the time, Idon't know if Iwould even say it's painful."

They then wonder if, given those symptoms, they could still have a UTI. That warrants some further exploration! What are the possible symptoms of urinary tract infections, can you have a UTI even if you don't have all the typical symptoms or even really any of them, and what else can lead to an urge to pee more often? We'll look at what advice the poster received, what else was discussed, and also at the science behind this annoying and potentially alarming symptom.



Questions that came up over the course of the discussion include:

  • just wondering if its normal, like i said its not all the time but every now and then.
  • and my pee looks fine i think %-) would you still say thats what it is?
  • sorry to bother you again, but i have a question,i just realized too that sometimes my lower tummy hurts/or like my pelvis or whatever and something on my left side sometimes hurts, like where the bone is and i just realized that my lower left back hurts too when i bend down or move a certain way.
  • can that all be related?
  • Can it be caused by yeast infection,,,,, ?


Some people with similar symptoms weighed in by describing what they were going through:

  • sorry to bother you again, but i have a question,i just realized too that sometimes my lower tummy hurts/or like my pelvis or whatever and something on my left side sometimes hurts, like where the bone is and i just realized that my lower left back hurts too when i bend down or move a certain way.
  • Now I have yeast infection,,,, and since past few days I feel like peeing even if I did it few seconds ago,,,,, like smth is left.
  • Will you add me as a friend and tell me why I can't stop peeing I have had this problem for years and it is very painful I have seen many doctors and have gone months with out sex I have also had frequent yeast infections after my period every month and I mean I keep it clean it just has got to stop!
  • My wife has the same problem as you after sex she gets a bladder infection, her mom use to get them too.
  • I know exactly what you mean I am like that too I couldn't never figure out why all of a sudden I started going to bathroom 20 mins apart I went to the doctor and they was telling me it was a yeast infection so i was put on medication each and every time i went back so I decided to see another doctor and he tested my urine and it back that my levels was too high I was prescribe onto this medicine NITROFUR MACR 100m since I was taking 4 a day it was impossible because I was at work all day so what I started doing was lowering my own dosage but I was still sick so I stop taking them I do have 1 more refill so I think I will just start back taking them because I am using the bathroom at least 20 times a day when i am at work but at home its worse

Many people immediately suggested the constant urge to urinate, even after already voiding recently, would be due to a urinary tract infection, but other suggestions also came up, including pregnancy:

  • Hi honey1 It is called a UTI - urinary tract infection.
  • Sounds like a UTI.
  • If you have a UTI they'll give you antibiotics and you'll feel better soon.
  • It's very common and sometimes it sorts itself out after drinking lots of fluids and flushing it through, sometimes it needs antibiotics to hit it on the head.
  • It's a strange feeling, it's like a pulling sensation when you pee, no pain, which is why I wandered whether it was something different than a UTI.

Some also suggested kidney issues:

  • It could maybe be a kidney infection
  • Could have spread to you kidneys which is very bad.
  • Could also be a kidney stone although more common in men, women still get them.

What now?

Advice given included seeking medical attention and drinking more water or cranberry juice;

  • The only way to get rid of it is via antibiotics and for your doctor to run a Urine culture 1st!
  • Just drink LOTS of water and start taking Acidopholus to counteract the antibiotics - as these cause yeast infections!
  • It could have a lot to do with your monthly - or the times you have sex!
  • BUT that should be looked at if your urine culture comes up negative!
  • Also remember that when you are looking at symptoms they mention ALL of them, everybody can have some 1 or 2 or even all of them!

The SteadyHealthteam reacts

Urinary tract infections: Symptoms and treatment

The term "urinary tract infection", or UTI for short, covers infections of the urethra, bladder, or kidneys. The most common culprit is E. Coli,but other bacteria can be responsible as well. UTIs are so common that they're among the most frequent bacterial infections primary care doctors will encounter in their daily practice, and women between the ages of 15 and 44 are most likely to "fall victim" to this nasty problem. You are also at a higher risk of you suffer from diabetes, use a urinary catheter, have a spinal cord injury, are sexually active, use spermicide, have a family history of UTIs, or are a postmenopausal woman.

The most common symptoms of urinary tract infections are:

  • The urge to urinate often, even after you've just done so — just like our "test subject" encountered. Despite the urge, you may actually pass very little urine.
  • Pain, burning sensations, pressure, or discomfort while urinating.
  • Urine that has a strange appearance — looking cloudy or even blood-stained.
  • Sharp, stabbing pains in your back, under your ribcage, on your side, or pain in all of those places often indicates that the infection has spread to the kidneys.
  • Fever and chills are also possible.

Not all people who have a urinary tract infection will have all of the possible symptoms, however. Urinary tract infections in the elderly, for instance, may manifest as confusion and delirium (something that will often mimic the symptoms of dementia). They may not experience pain at all, meanwhile. It is important to seek medical attention if you notice only some of the symptoms, like our initial poster did, and if you notice a sudden increase in strange behavioral symptoms in an elderly friend or relative, it is also best to contact their family doctor.

While increasing your water intake is a great idea if you notice the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, you indeed need antibiotics — so don't simply wait for the infection to spread while you sip your apple and cranberry juice, but seek medical attention so you can get the right treatment.

Other possible causes of urinary frequency

Urinary urgency — that strong and sudden feeling that you need to pee right away, and that comes along often — can be caused by other things too. They include:

  • Interstitial cystitis, a chronic bladder condition that is also referred to as painful bladder syndrome. It involves all the symptoms of a UTI, but without any identifiable cause.
  • Overactive bladder syndrome, a rarer condition that also often features the need to frequently urinate at night, and sometimes urinary incontinence as well.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine.
  • An enlarged prostate in males, and vaginitis (an infection of the vagina) in women.
  • Nerve damage.
  • A swollen urethra.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.
  • A tumor or benign growth within the pelvic region.
  • Taking diuretics, also euphemistically called "water pills" — but in that case, you'd probably be aware of the source of the problem.

Because urinary urgency can be caused by a variety of medical problems, it is always wise to make an appointment with your doctor when you have been suffering from it for a while. They may ask for a urine sample, but could also request an ultrasound, a cystoscopy to see inside your bladder, measure the pressure in your bladder, or even take a closer look at the functioning of your nervous system. Always see your doctor about pelvic pain, or UTI symptoms accompanied by fever, as well. That doesn't mean you have to worry right away if you simply need to pee a lot occasionally, though, as this can also be caused by totally benign things like drinking a lot of water, having one too many cups of coffee, or hitting the alcohol.


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