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Here at vom Moorehaus (which by the way translates to “from the Moore’s house”) we do not maintain a kennel full of DD’s just for breeding. I am very fortunate to have been entrusted with the continuation of the vom Drosselbart line of Deutsch Drahthaars originated by Dr. James D. Grady. We rely heavily on those that test and train their Deutsch Drahthaar for prospective suitable DD’s for breeding. Just because a dog passes all tests and is certified for breeding does not mean that they have what is needed for potential breeding stock: Prepotency. The ability to reproduce the versatile traits desired is not “a given”. While a dog may be an outstanding individual it may not be able to reproduce itself. This is where careful observation of litters as they complete the standardized testing of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar- Group North America is most valuable, but it only works if you prepare and participate.
We do normally take one pup from each litter and train them through the breed test. It is in this way that we can better ascertain not only the natural abilities but also the trainability. Here again, my wish is not to have a kennel full of dogs that are under utilized. I have my DD’s for the same reason that you are seeking one – to hunt. I am not, nor do I have aspirations to be, a professional trainer. I do however enjoy training and helping others.

Moorehaus Deutsch Drahthaar. Versatile Hunting Dogs, Forrest Moore, breeder (1)At Moorehaus Drahthaars, our goal is to breed for consistency in performance throughout the litter, not for one-dog wonders!It is of utmost importance to us that all Moorehaus Drahthaars be placed with active hunters. While they make excellent pets, hunting and the retrieval of wounded game is their designed purpose. Without the hunter, the dogs will not receive specialty training, guidance and time afield and, therefore, will not reach their full potential. It is for these reasons that Moorehaus Drahthaars will only be placed with active, licensed hunters. If it is simply a pet or companion that you are looking for, we highly recommend the local animal shelter. The Deutsch Drahthaar is a dog for serious hunters who are looking for performance (ain’t no show dogs here). If you find the loss of crippled or wounded game unbearable and if you are looking for a loyal hunting companion that can perform equally in the field, forest and water, then you should consider a Deutsch Drahthaar.

Moorehaus Deutsch Drahthaar. Versatile Hunting Dogs, Forrest Moore, breeder (2)With the increased popularity of the Deutsch Drahthaar comes the need for increased vigilance for proper hunting homes. A prospective new owner rarely has a grasp of the importance of the JGHV testing system, as evidenced by the failure of some new owners to meet training and testing deadlines of the first two years of their new DD’s life. If you will commit to work for your dog for it’s first two years, it will work for you for the rest of it’s life.

I am unable to understand why a person would want to go through the trouble of purchasing a Deutsch Drahthaar, or any other truly versatile breed, only to let the dog go untrained, or not used for versatile hunting. To borrow a phrase from Jack Mansfield “Why would you want to buy a 4 wheel drive if you are never going to get off of the interstate?”

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It is not my desire to sell a Deutsch Drahthaar to everyone that calls about a pup. If you are in love with the IDEA of owning a Deutsch Drahthaar, why not just buy a picture of one. So, if you do not meet the following criteria, then perhaps you should reconsider your purchase of a versatile hunting dog.

  • Hunt! Not just watch hunting videos.
  • Intend to train the dog yourself (with the help of others) see training section.
  • Bring the dog into your home. (There is no comparison between a kennel dog and a dog that is raised as part of a family.)
  • Be responsible and have a proper kenneling facility for when the pup is unattended.
  • Be willing to expose the pup to game, train, and take the pup to the first two test. See “Natural Retrievers” and “Blood Tracking.”

If you meet this criteria and you have read the article “How to buy a gun dog,” then by all means please contact me and I will be happy to talk with you about a Drahthaar puppy. I make no apologies for my statements. Just as it is my responsibility to provide you with a competent hunting companion it is also my responsibility to insure that each Drahthaar pup goes to a deserving home.

It is our desire that all new owners will join and participate in the testing programs of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD). Some of the benefits of membership included are access to training clinics, field tests, and members who are willing to share their years of experience and knowledge. Through this testing program, each dog’s performance is fully evaluated to further the goal of improving the breed.

Trust me I have heard it all when it comes to someone wanting a DD. Please, save us both the aggravation and disappointment and be brutally honest with yourself about owning a hunting dog and even more, the expectations that come with owning a DD. I consider myself a good judge of character but I am mislead more than I care to admit, by those that just have to have a DD only to find out that they never trained their DD and/or that they found out how much work a versatile hunting dog was and have since sold the dog. This is a waste!

(Video) vom Moorehaus Deutsch Drahthaar Litter "X" (02.08.2012)

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Left to Right: Travis Spivey, Baron vom Moorehaus, Hector vom Drosselbart, Rick Spivey

At Moorehaus Drahthaars, we strictly adhere to the VDD breeding regulations. If you want to purchase one of our pups to breed to a non-VDD dog, we would ask that you purchase a pup elsewhere. The VDD has a proven record of improving the breed through strict enforcement of breeding regulations and performance testing programs developed in Germany. Other organizations do not. While groups such as the AKC and German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America encourage and promote good breeding practices, they do not enforce any breeding regulations. The VDD, on the other hand, will not certify any Drahthaar for breeding purposes that has such hereditary faults as a bad bite, over aggressiveness, gun shyness and others. In addition, the VDD strongly recommends that all dogs certified for breeding be tested and shown free of hip dysplasia. All dogs used in the breeding program at Moorehaus Drahthaars have been tested for and are HD free. It is our desire to see vom Moorehaus pups used to their utmost potential. (If you would like to learn more about the VDD/GNA, please visit our web site,

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Pups are $1800. To reserve a puppy, a $250 non-refundable deposit is required. Reservations will be taken by gender only, not by color. VDD members will be given priority. Shipping via airplane has not gone well in the past therefore I will no longer ship puppies. All puppies will receive their fist set of vaccinations, be de-wormed and tattooed before being released to their new owner. Per VDD regulations, all puppies must receive their registration numbers from Germany and must be tattooed before leaving the kennel.

Moorehaus Drahthaars reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy entirely at our discretion.

I will be happy to talk with you about Moorehaus Drahthaars or the VDD, please, feel free to contact me anytime. For more information about the VDD-GNA visit their website.


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