Septum Piercing 101: Complete Guide, Healing, Pain Level and more (2023)

While septum piercings may still seem a huge thing these days too, but it started back in the late 1970s, in the punk rock community.

Piercings may seem fun, anticipating and intriguing at the same time but gives a bolder look to your personality. With time, the places where to get piercings done also evolved and people had shifted their preferences towards getting more of a bolder and fun look which would add it to their personality.

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What is Septum Piercing?

Septum Piercing is a piercing that is done between the nostrils of the nose, the chamber which separates the left and right nostril, which is also said as the septum.

Generally, the piercer penetrates the needle through a tiny piece of skin at the front of the nose and then inserts the jewellery. The place where the piercer inserts the needle is called the “sweet spot”.

How much does Septum Piercing pain?

Piercings can be quite discomforting, but on the contrary, if you are too excited and anticipated about the whole process then you might just feel a tingling sensation. But, for a few, it can be quite painful.

Along with that, it also varies from person to person and each individuals’ pain endurance. The pain of piercing between the nostrils can be quick just for the time the piercer punctures your skin.

Some people believe that the insertion of the jewelry causes greater pain than skin puncture. In case of Ear Piercings or Shen men piercing you will get the pain also.

How long does it take to heal?

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To talk about healing, it also varies from person to person as everyone’s healing power of the body might be different. But, to get a vague idea, one can claim the healing power from the time duration of 6 months and in some cases, it might be early and in the rarest cases might take longer to heal.

How much is the cost for Septum Piercing?

One clear piece of advice I want to give out to you: don’t end up having a cheap Septum piercing just to save a few bucks. Get it done from a certified and professional piercer. The cost of a septum piercing varies depending on where you get it done. You may anticipate paying between $50 and $110.

Post care advice for Septum Piercing:

The amount of time your body will take to heal that area depends on how much you put the effort into taking care of that area after the piercing is done.

  • Cleaning the area around the pierced area with saline (salt+water) mixture, twice a day would be sufficient.
  • Avoid taking out the jewelry as the fresh wound is more likely to heal and might have to go through the whole discomforting process again.
  • Prevent twisting, playing, flipping and incessant touching the jewelry at all times.
  • After bathing, make sure to not leave that area wet and dry it properly.
  • While using other cosmetic and makeup products in that area. Try to minimize every each type of product application in that area.
  • If you feel there’s a need to touch that area, then make sure you disinfect your hands properly before touching that area.
  • Avoid pulling the jewelry, and pay extra attention while wearing or dealing with clothes that might get caught in your pierced area.
  • Avoid going into the swimming pool in the next 24 hours you get your piercing done.

When can one change jewelry?

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After a certain period, anyone could get bored of wearing the same jewelry and might want to try other jewelry, but I would strongly recommend you not to do that until the area is fully healed.

Generally, the area gets healed in the time duration of 6-8 months. It is safe to remove the existing jewelry only when that particular area is healed as it is no longer tender and needs no special attention.

Even after 6 months, I would suggest you visit your piercer and ask for his approval and know from him whether it is safe to remove and wear other jewelry or not.

Downsides of Septum Piercing:

Although it may seem a lot of fun to people who imagine how fun their personality might look after getting the piercing done, but there’s more to it.

Along with some fun, there are some downsides added to it too:

  • Yellow and green pus
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Granulation tissue
  • Fever
  • Redness
  • Bumps
  • Skin eruptions
  • Peeling
  • Flaking
  • Thinning
  • Tearing

Jewelry you can choose for Septum Piercing:

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The best thing about Septum Piercing is that you have a variety of jewelry at your hand and you can have any one of them which your heart desires.

1. Captive Bead Rings (CBR)

Captive bead rings are the best as they are very easy to use and also give a way to go if you want a bold, classic appearance. Here, you have the choice to select between a variety of options such as opals, bead types, etc.

2. Clicker Rings

Clicker rings, along with giving you an excellent and unique look, will provide you comfort at your hand. Because of the hinged mechanism, it is one of the simplest jewelry types to deal with. The clicker rings may feature some of the designs such as intricate Bali-style etchings or prong-set diamonds or rubies, etc.

3. Circular/Curved barbells

Circular and curved barbells are comparable to CBRs in terms of variation, but they do not form a whole ring. The two balls on the end of this septum jewelry, often known as horseshoe barbells, making it a daring septum jewelry choice. Curved barbells are similar to circular barbells in shape.

4. Seamless Hoop Rings

For a more delicate appearance, gold seamless rings are a popular choice. If you like a more modest aesthetic, go with a seamless hoop that sits flush against your septum for a charming and edgy effect.

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What type of jewelry material is used for Septum Piercing?

1. Titanium

Titanium is known to not cause any allergic reactions and also a popular choice amongst people. But to look at the other side, titanium is costlier than other materials used for Septum Piercing.

2. Stainless steel

Because it is hypoallergenic, this is one of the safest metals for any piercing.

3. Niobium

If you are extremely sensitive to metals, niobium may be a good option for you. The likelihood of a reaction is minimal, and it tends to be priced in the Centre.

4. 14 karat gold

If you want a gold jewelry, it should be 14 karat or greater.
Just make sure it’s solid rather than gold-plated or gold-filled. These not only contain alloys such as nickel, but the plating can also peel off with time.
Gold jewelry can look beautiful, but can be quite expensive.

How’s the Septum Piercing done?

  • Firstly, your piercer will ask you to comfortably lie on the recliner.
  • He/she will clean the area which is needed to be pierced.
  • He/she will disinfect the tools which are required for puncturing the nostrils.
  • Then he/she will penetrate the needle between the nostrils and later insert the jewelry in that hole.

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Why does it smell after Septum Piercing?

You might inevitably get some dead skin cells surrounding the area of the piercing which can eventually cause some bad odor. You also might end up with some pus or blood, but there is nothing to worry about. You can still clean the area with the saline solution which is more than enough to keep that area clean and away from any infection which could have been caused otherwise.

Summing up:

Even though the whole process seems painful and tiresome, Septum piercing can give a bolder and fearless look to your personality.

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