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I know what you may think, it’s for the apparent reasons-for beauty. Of course, most of us also want to join the global celebrity look.

From Lady Gaga to Jessica Biel, we have seen most celebrities enjoying the septum jewels.

Well, in this article, we’re going to show you other reasons why you should get a piercing.

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I know you can also use the fake septum jewels to achieve the same effect but is it ever the same?

One can often tell when it’s fake, especially because sometimes the septum jewel can quickly fall off, so you need a real one.

Septum piercing is not new as we have cultures like the native Americans and Australian natives who wore them.


  • Understanding septum piercing
  • The reasons why you should get it
    • 1.It allows you to be you.
    • 2.They‘re cheaper
    • 3.It‘s easy to hide
    • 4.You can use them if you like and have a larger piercing.
    • 5.It‘s easy to clean
    • 6.Anyone can use it
    • 7.It‘s not permanent
    • 8.It’s stylish yet trendy.
    • 9.You can change the jewels.
    • 10.It takes a shorter time to heal.
    • 11.No, it’s not so painful.
  • Septum piercing pros and cons
    • Septum piercing with pros
    • The cons
  • FAQs
    • My septum piercing is smelling
    • Will the hole piercing completely block if you need to?
    • When can I start to change the jewels?
    • How do you flip the jewels?
    • How can you treat the infected septum piercing?
    • How can I remove the septum piercing?
  • Back to you

Understanding septum piercing

A septum piercing is a piercing where you have the piercing going through the septum. The nasal septum is the part of the nose that divides the left and right nostrils.

The piercers will often pierce the sweet spot and not the cartilage. The sweet spot is then below the thick cartilage, yet it will vary from one person to another.

The reasons why you should get it

You will find different people having different reasons why they use piercings. But the most common ones are the ones below.

1.It allows you to be you.

Septum piercing is a form of self-expression. It makes you show up as you. I mean, it uniquely matches your personality. The jewels you therefore use will make it easy to show off who you are. There are different styles you may use, with each showing off your other traits.

2.Theyre cheaper

The fact that it’s easy to get a piercing from a professional makes it attractive. Other than that, you will find it easy to find the different styles of jewels. Whether you intend to buy them offline or online is a choice you have to make. Let’s say it’s not costly to invest in septum jewels.

Having a septum piercing done is not that much as costs between$40-90 depending on which studio the piercing is done. It’s always good to pay a little more in a good studio with an experienced and certified piercer.

Septum Piercing Pros And Cons - Should I Get A Septum Piercing - Smart Mom Jewelry (2)

The online stores are great when you know the right style and size of septum rings to buy. When you go online, you will have a wide range of options, making it even better. Know how to buy the jewels online, though. You should check the reviews before you make the decision.

Online stores have different pieces of jewelry, silver, and gold. Thus every individual can choose from the vast types according to their taste and preference.

3.Its easy to hide

The rings can actually be flipped inside. This is ideal if you want to wear the jewels differently or you want to hide them. Remember, not many institutions allow septum piercing, and if you can hide them, the better.

You can hide the septum jewels when you’re in the offices since some people find the piercings unprofessional. Also, if you have a strict family and parents, you can hide them by flipping too.

4.You can use them if you like and have a larger piercing.

Septum piercing can be stretched to accommodate larger or bigger jewelry. If there is a need for a bigger ring, the septum piercing is between 1.2mm to 1.6mm. Nonetheless, if you’re going to stretch it, you need to do it patiently to avoid damaging your tissues and cartilages.

5.Its easy to clean

Cleaning the nose ring and the nose itself is crucial, especially for the first weeks as the healing process continues.

It might take time to heal depending on the individual’s skin but be sure to use the proper cleaning method.

The cleaning process is not tedious even when you have a fresh piercing. Just remember to clean it at least twice a day with a saline solution. The essence is to avoid bacterial infections as you remove the dirt and oily stuff.

6.Anyone can use it

How comfortable are you to wear the septum piercing? Anyone can wear a septum ring. Notice, though, that we all have different noses and faces. This means that it will match the different shapes and styles.

7.Its not permanent

Another reason for getting a septum piercing is that the piercing is not a permanent one. However, it does live a mark and some traces when you decide to let it block.

Septum Piercing Pros And Cons - Should I Get A Septum Piercing - Smart Mom Jewelry (3)

The scar left behind is invisible as it’s hidden inside the nose, so there’s nothing to cause worries.

I know sometimes you may not like it once you have pierced it, the good thing is that you can let it block.

You won’t even have anyone seeing the scar you developed from piercing it. Don’t worry; the hole is going to block after a few months.

8.It’s stylish yet trendy.

Like any other fashion style, the trends of septum piecing change over time. For example, there will be times when the gold rings are in fashion, while you will have silver jewels in fashion.

With the changing trends, you will have the changing styles too. Infect, there are different types of septum jewels that you can use at any time.

I like that you can have them in different styles, colors, and trends depending on whichever style is pleasing to you.

9.You can change the jewels.

It doesn’t matter the style of jewels you have; you can change it if you want to. You will find different types of gems to use, therefore. This also means that you will have the ones that match your style effortlessly.

There will be times when you have to change the jewels, but especially if you notice that it has crusted, it’s rusting and fading, and more.

10.It takes a shorter time to heal.

Notice that it will take you a shorter time to heal if your body immunity is nicely high or normal. In most cases, you will recover the nose septum in about six weeks. Albeit, sometimes it can take two months.

Some factors will determine how fast it heals. Therefore, if you want, you can focus on the aftercare to make sure the septum remains safe and not even septic.

If you notice some complications, you can go to the doctor sooner. It’s not every day, though, that you will have people developing the complication. So the secret is to take good care of it.

11.No, it’s not so painful.

While you may think the piercing is painful, it’s not when right. Unless you pierce the cartilage, then you can expect the pain to go away in seconds. If you still have the pain lingering on after three days, then maybe your wound got septic.

I won’t say it’s not painful because it is when you first get pierced. But after that, then the pain immediately goes away. It will be painful only for those who’re injection-phobic.

Septum piercing pros and cons

Septum piercing with pros

  • You can easily hide the rings, that is, by flipping. Of course, you make it invisible; thus, you don’t have to answer your folk’s questions.
  • It feels beautiful, and it’s a confidence booster. Suppose you will find that suits your personality and styles. It’s an easy way to show up trusting your style. Remember, you will stand out.
  • Don’t you like it? Please remove it. You won’t have to worry about it as much since it’s not permanent. Besides, if it leaves a scar, it won’t be visible, which is terrific.
  • You will have different styles, just like other styles of jewels. They will come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and patterns. One can choose trendy rings and be imaginative or rather distinctive with a sense of style.
  • When the piercing is done right then, you can be sure it won’t hurt you, so make sure you seek a professional’s service.
  • They’re readily accessible. Thus, you won’t struggle to look for them. Also, they are cost-effective.

The cons

  • The nose might smell due to a lack of proper cleaning on the piercing part. Of course, you’re the first to smell it, and that’s the first thing you will realize and smell it.
  • People will be judgmental towards your piercing and call you names likes cows, bulls. Don’t bother; go about your life; their opinions don’t matter.
  • It’s not easy to blow your nose. You don’t want to develop infections, which is why you have to be very gentle.
  • The healing process might take longer if you didn’t pierce it right.
  • It will have crusties when it’s fresh, so be ready to deal with it.


My septum piercing is smelling

Yes, this happens, and it’s also the same thing people call septum funk.

But you should be observant, and if you notice that it’s smelling yet, it also produces pus and blood, then you can be sure its septic. Also, you need to seek medical advice. If that’s not the case, then note that it’s the smell of dead skin.

It’s also upon you to keep the piercing clean, but as you switch to wood and plastic jewel. Such materials will help reduce the piercing ultimately.

Will the hole piercing completely block if you need to?

It depends on the person in question. Some people will have the piercing completely blocked, while others won’t depend on your body. Regardless no one will see the hole, so it doesn’t matter.

When can I start to change the jewels?

When you have a new piercing, you can expect to wear the same jewel for about 6-8 weeks. After that, then you can change the gems as you wish. Just be gentle to avoid hurting your tissues.

How do you flip the jewels?

One of the things people do a lot is flip the jewels to hide them. So you can flip it when going to work or school. Notice that there’re different styles you can use to flip the treasures. If you want, though, you can ask your piercer for advice on how to flip it.

  • So pull your mouth skin down, and that way, you can see the piercing.
  • Next, push the jewel balls into your nose until they are invisible. You may find it hard for the first time, but you will realize it’s a more straightforward process over time.
  • With time the flipping will be easy because the piercing is healed.

How can you treat the infected septum piercing?

It’s not abnormal to find that the piercing is infected. If this happens, then you can do the following to treat it.

Quit touching the piercing as that will continue infecting it.

Notice that the bacteria got into the piercing, thus causing the infection. Remember, it will be dangerous if you leave it untreated.

It’s effortless to treat the piercing. Mostly you don’t need medication since the saline solution is everything. Often that’s enough to treat it and then heal the piercing. As you keep cleaning it, then it will soon get rid of the pus and bacteria. Don’t worry if you notice it’s getting even worst; you can use antibiotics.

How can I remove the septum piercing?

When you’re talking about the piercing that is fully healed, it’s easy to remove it.

The first thing though is to clean your hands full. Remember, using dirty hands may transfer the bacteria to the piercing. Also, sanitize the new jewels that you would like to use.

Go on to pull it out gently and let the hole heal. But if it’s a new piercing, it will soon close over. If, however you have had it over a long time, it won’t close quickly.

Back to you

Now you know which reasons make it ideal to get a septum piercing. Will you get one today to become unique? We have you covered with all the information you need.


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