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It’s hard not to notice that something smells rotten when the smell is right under or in your nose. Well, this is the case for those times you have a septum piercing.

You will notice the strange smell coming out sometime before it finally heals.

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Don’t worry; it’s nothing big unless it gets septic. This is the sole reason why you will need to keep reading our post on this topic today.

I know many questions will arise due to this smell but don’t worry; you will have them all answered today.


  • Understanding things to do with the weird smell
  • So tell me more, what exactly is the meaning of this?
  • What causes the septum piercing smell?
  • How long will this septum smell last?
  • Can I minimize the septum smell?
  • Consider changing your septum jewel.
  • A more detailed method to use in cleaning your septum
  • What should I do to make sure it never smells?
  • Is it that bad?

Understanding things to do with the weird smell

Notice that the one thing that makes the smell is the pungent and clear mix of bacteria and the skin cells and the sebum.

When these are mixed with a little bit of sweat and the daily activity, you will have a piercing funk, and it’s the one thing that smells.

For some options and styles, therefore, the funk, in this case, will appear whitish or paste-like, and it attaches itself to the jewels.

So tell me more, what exactly is the meaning of this?

I know you want to know how you can get rid of this or prevent it but remember your body is communicating with you to be hygienic.

Maybe you did the piercing, but you haven’t bothered to clean it; this indicates that you should clean your septum.

Notice that we aren’t talking about the cleaning where you shower and clean it, rather the one where you focus more on cleaning the septum.

So take the time to clean the part where the piercing has occurred to maintain safety. So I want you to know that the funky smell is like an everyday kind of smell.

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Nonetheless, check your septum to confirm that it’s the same thing. Do you have the smell, but you also experience excess pain with greenish and yellowish pus coming out?

Then you should know its septic, not the regular smell. Therefore, in such a case, go out to ask your piercer if you may have a septic situation.

What causes the septum piercing smell?

The fact that it’s right below your nose, you can be sure that not even a perfume can cover the smell. The cause is a mix of things that include sebum, which is an oily secretion. You’ll also have the bacteria, and the skin will cause the smell.

In most cases, you can expect to experience a semi-solid discharge that smells more like stinky cheese.

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Notice that you can wipe the stinky smell with your plugs. I like that it’s easy to take care of the smell when you know how to.

Remember how you clean the parts that are actually smelling matters. If you don’t focus well on the thorough cleaning, then it will keep smelling.

Make sure you use the saline solution at least twice a day for thorough cleaning. This is something familiar with all types of piercings.

For it to therefore go away, you will need to make a cleaning routine until you are sure the parts are fully healed.

Notice, though, that the one thing causing the smell is the scar tissue. You will find the scar foaming next to the piercing, and this then will cause the smell.

How long will this septum smell last?

There’s no set duration for how long the smell will last; rather, it’s more about how clean you keep it. If you maintain hygiene, then you will be sure to keep the septum clean and safe.

It may go for months for some people, while for others, they will clean it out in days since they can’t stand it. Expect it to occur in a couple of days to weeks since that’s when the septum piercing begins to dry out. The same way it occurs then you can remove it within a short while.

Can I minimize the septum smell?

You can, but you will have to have first used the proper method for the process. Hopefully, you used the right jewels, and the piercing was also done right. If you went to the professional for the same, you should get this in order pretty first.

The best way to make this; therefore, work is when you maintain a proper cleaning routine. If you clean it right, then you’ll have the odor at bay. Also, you can use antiseptic for the same.

Also, if you have the right jewels, this should be easy to attain. You may just need warm water and antiseptic or soap to clean the piercing. This, therefore, means you will need to keep the parts clean but without strain.

As we have mentioned before, you may sometime need to use the saline solution. Also, rotate the septum jewel to make sure all the parts of the septum are cleaned. You will therefore clean all the parts of the piercing.

If you then do this right, it should be easy to get rid of the smell.

Bottom-line when you’re cleaning, make sure you clean both sides then soak the jewels in the warm soapy water, which is mostly antiseptic. Go on to wear the septum ring once again and then see if the smell is still on.

Consider changing your septum jewel.

The other choice is for you to change the septum jewel too.

Notice that metals will cause the metals to retain the smell if you, therefore, use them. Such materials like wood, glass, and silicone are great since they won’t smell anyway. In fact, even the steel is great for a smell-free piercing.

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If you, therefore, choose low-quality metals, you can be sure they will most likely cause irritations. You will most likely have that bad smell, especially when the jewels react with your skin.

So you can always make use of the septum rings that are made using the septum jewel. Only go for septum piercings that are made using the safe and best quality material.

A more detailed method to use in cleaning your septum

For the septum, it would be nice to soak it in the sea salt solution.

Take a teaspoon of salt into the water and stir to create a saline solution. Go on to soak the jewel piercing in the solution for it to easily clean out the bacteria and all the different kinds of dirt.

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Soak it for a minute to five. Go on to massage it gently for a thorough cleaning process. If you like, go on to use a clean piece of cloth for a thorough cleaning. It feels weird, right but did you know it’s the perfect solution to give your nose septum power cleanses?

My only disclaimer is that you should never use chemicals on the same. You just need a saline solution for the thorough wash.

Again you will need to focus on the aftercare in that you have to be careful how you clean the pierced parts, but you’ll also only use the advised aftercare products for the same.

Avoid touching the piercing or maybe even irritating it with the clothes that pull the jewels.

Some sellers will call for the use of the saline solution and the octenisept spray. Notice that you should not have to use the spray if you trust your skin to heal itself.

You can use the spray, though if you have a small problem, but if it dries your mucous membrane a lot, then you’ll have to stop using it.

Your aim should be that you won’t contaminate the piercing, causing the pain and the funky smell.

What should I do to make sure it never smells?

Bottom-line prevention is better than cure. Always remember you don’t want the septum to smell, so you must clean it properly to be on the safe side.

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Notice that it will take time to heal, so you should be patient and focus more on aftercare to maintain safety.

The secret is not to remove the jewels until after eight weeks. With this, therefore, you will have given it time to heal, and you won’t be touching it to form contamination, or reaction.no bacteria will ever form, but so do we know that there will never be an infection as a result.

Is it that bad?

I know you wonder why it feels like it’s that bad when it’s not. Although it smells bad, it’s not too bad that people will notice in a room.

The only problem may come when people get close to you. Unless it’s septic, therefore, you can be sure it remains okay yet safe.

It won’t even swell, so you don’t have to think much about it. If it gets so bad, though, you can see a doctor for the same.

The septum piercing smell is something you will mostly expect. It’s nothing to cause an alarm; just know that it’s normal.

Therefore, the only thing you can do is get the best jewel that’s not only good-looking but also safe to use.


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